An animation about true wishes. This fictional story is based on the real fact about all sport fans receiving a present from Soviet TV on the New Year’s Eve of 1976.

International premier of the animation took place at the 32nd Hamburg Short Film Festival (Germany).
The short film is a participant of animation film festivals in Argentina, Armenia, Latvia, Ukraine and Russia.


This video won the "100+" contest, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Russian animation and implemented in the XVII Open Russian Festival of Animated Films. Under the terms of the competition we needed to keep 1 minute total time chrono for animation part, and made the author's video message for it. Well, we love animation because it allows us to have head in the clouds.




This animated short is created for children with a rare genetic disease called “epidemolysis bullosa”. In addition to the impact that the disease has on children’s physical health, it also disrupts their psychological adaptation within society. In this animation we focus on the best ways these children can approach the problems, while treating those around them with care and respect. This animated short is meant to help the children to stop perceiving their illness as a disability.

XIX Open Russian Festival of Animated Films, Russia, 2014 - premier.

The International Film Festival “Zolotoy Vityaz (Golden Knight)”, Russia, 2014 - diploma "For humanism".


APPLE (2011)

A documentary love story, shot using stop motion animation in Moscow during summer. There is one apple, a loving couple and about 3000 photos.

The Film Festival “Osen”, Russia, 2013 - “Best animation”.

The Short Film Contest “Movies about Moscow”, Russia, 2014 - winner.

International Videoart and Animation Festival “Net-festival”, Russia, 2011 - finalist.